Sisters Struggle

My sister is struggling

Struggling for her rights

Her rights to exist in a country

A country that does not want her.

Its not her fault

She didn’t ask for this

She is a victim of her parents dream

A dream built on freedom

A dream for a better life

An opportunity to grow

Yet she is a victim and forced to comply

So many unjust rules

Rules focused on sending her back

Back to a country that does not know her

All she has is a single thread

A single fragile thread that holds her

A thread that is slowly unraveling and disappearing

Disappearing because of decisions

Decisions founded on twisted political views

Views that threaten the very fabric of this country

A country built by immigrants

Why can’t she just stay

Why does she have to hide

Hide from those who would separate her from those she loves

rip her from her family

to shatter her existence into a thousand pieces

she is not guilty of any crimes

she works

she pays taxes

she is loved

she is needed

she is my sister


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