Save Me

I sometimes wonder what GOD thinks of me

I know who I am

I know what I have done

I know what goes through my thoughts each day

I am far from what I believe I should be

How do those who live by the word do it each day

How do they deal with all the temptations that surround us

How do they say no and be so God damn holy?

I look at myself and I see the weak flesh that surrounds my soul

It shakes and ripples with every temptation of the flesh

I continually close my eyes wishing for the thoughts and desires to fade away

I feel like scrubbing my flesh with a wire brush until nothing but my soul remains

But that would not be the answer

For in the next month, in the next week, in the next hour, even in the next moment, it happens

The thoughts of desire creep slowly back in

To strangle my mind with its cold callous filled fingers

Fingers with razor edged nails that slowly slice my mind 

 with Lust for gluttony

with Lust for greed

with Lust for envy

with Lust for sloth

with Lust for wrath

with Lust for pride

And just good old fashioned pure insatiable lust! 

Oh yeah baby!!! 

I can feel my eyes, even now, filling with hunger

My body is responding. filling with adrenaline for the hunt

I lose control in wild abandonment

But I must digress

I must inhale and hold my breathe

Start counting slowly down

No more thoughts, no more hunger, no more desire, no more lust

No more lust

No Lust

No more

Grant me forgiveness and penance for my soul

Save my soul 

Save my soul from myself

Save me




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