Searching for Madness

Our desire for happiness is real but our definition and decisions to achieve it are a lie. The world in itself is not what we believe. Happiness cannot be found on earth, no matter how hard we try.

Everything in the world is constant and does not change. There is nothing new, everything that will be has already happened. All of creation that will be or has been, exists now.

The sun rises and sets, the wind blows, and the rain falls when the clouds gather in tight formations.

All of this, yet we continually try to change the future. Silly, silly, we cannot change what has already happened.

Changing what is around us won’t bring us happiness. It won’t bring us more love or companionship. It won’t make our dreams come true. Our family will still find us difficult and our children will still resent us.

We can strive for glory through jobs, education, and pure determination. It will be for not, glory is short lived and soon forgotten by all.

As we pass through this life we will soon be forgotten. What purpose does it serve to search for every scrap of wisdom if we know in the end we will suffer the same fate as the homeless on the street, the drug addict on the corner, or the thief that is casing our home right now.

In the end the search for wisdom and obtaining it still leads to a wooden box, which the few that care come to watch, as we are slowly lowered into the ground.

What point is it then to seek out every form of pleasure, and gluttony to our hearts desire. The happiness and pleasure we find is temporary and will leave us craving more.

Many will spend what little time they have pursuing these forms of pleasure, which increasingly require more and more perversive solutions to meet their ever increasing appetite. In the end we are no more than pleasure junkies desperately seeking the next hit of mind altering drug.

What is the purpose then to live this life, if nothing matters? What if nothing we seek brings everlasting happiness? What if all our possessions do nothing but bring us more misery. The knowledge we have and seek earnestly brings nothing but sadness and despair. What then do we seek?

Look inside, seek the higher power, seek your God and trust in him. Then and only then will the madness fade and true happiness be found.

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