The Morning Cup

Damn it! Today is such a struggle. 

Awoken by the ring of a wrong number

Awoken by the alarm telling me to get my ass out of bed

Rolling out of bed catching myself before I fall to the floor

The stumbling shuffle of a man up in his years

Knees are stiff, lower back aches with small flashes of pain

Fuck me! Sneaks past my parched lips as I grind my teeth to swallow my voice

The bathroom is so close, yet so far

The kitchen even further, as my head screams for my morning cup of joe

The smell of fresh ground coffee is like a whistle signaling the start of a game

There in that moment my body craves the rush of caffeine

Just like junkies looking for their next fix

My veins swelling and throbbing for the rush

The first sip is sublime as the aroma and heat awakens my mind

A mind filled with worry, frustration, and cries for help

Yet the sacred liquid drives away the dust that has settled

A new driver takes the seat and slams on the gas

Revving the cognitive processes of my mind

Spinning the tires of my inner drive

I am filled with strength

And move on to face the day

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