Writing with Soul: A Guide for Poets

Writing with soul is about writing openly and honestly, baring our inner being to the world. It’s not just about the words we choose, but the sound they make when read. It’s about creating a deep emotional response in the reader that they cannot help but feel connected. Writing with soul is not easy but the results will be worth the effort. 

What is soul writing?

Soul writing is the act of expressing yourself through writing. It’s when you get down to the core of who you are, what your values are and how they impact your life. Soul writing can take many forms–from poetry to essays or even novels–but at its core, it will always be honest and authentic.

Soul writing allows us to connect with ourselves in ways we may not otherwise have access to if our brains were running the show (which they often do).

The most important thing about soul writing is that it comes from within: from deep down inside our souls where all truth resides.

How to write with soul

Writing from experience is essential. Without any prior knowledge or understanding of a topic, readers won’t take your work seriously.

Furthermore, if your story is inspired by personal experiences or emotions, others who have had similar situations or feelings can more readily identify with them and connect to your work.

Select topics that something to you and fill you with passion. Be transparent, don’t hide your true being behind colorful words or phrases.  Don’t be afraid to bare your soul in your words.  It will keep readers coming back for more.  

Soul writing is about baring the truth, being vulnerable, and being authentic–it’s about allowing yourself to be seen for who you really are on paper. It’s not easy; sometimes it’s downright scary! But taking this leap will give you so much confidence in yourself as a writer (and person).


Writing with soul is a beautiful thing. It allows us to connect with others through our stories, it helps us better understand ourselves and our lives, and it can even help us find healing from past trauma or pain. Writing with soul doesn’t have to be perfect or eloquent; all it takes is honesty, authenticity and vulnerability!

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