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This past November I spent time with the other men in my family as we do each year. It is a tradition that began with my grandfather over fifty years ago. During our time together, we spend valuable time-sharing stories, memories, and ageless wisdom passed on from father to son. It is a time of mentoring, growth and recharging our inner spirit. We talk about our fears, our struggles, our disappointments, our accomplishments, our goals, and our dreams.
Upon my return from this last trip, I took some time to reflect on the discussions we had standing around the campfire. What materialized for me is that in life we each face challenges and problems that truly test our abilities and knowledge. We cannot escape it.
Problems are a part of our life. The question is how do we overcome our problems, stay positive, accomplish our dreams, and goals despite the problems we face?
Les Brown, motivational speaker, offers a unique perspective on how we should think and deal about the problems we face in life. Les Brown sees the problems we face in life as storms. If life’s problems are storms, we can easily say:
We on our way to a storm
We are in a storm
We are on our way out of a storm
We all have storms in our life; it is an unpleasant fact. The challenge; however is to not be consumed by our storms (problems). Problems are a part of life but they are not life. Deal with your problems and push past them.
Never allow your problems to stop you from reaching for your goals, dreams and desires. Focus on your goals, your dreams and picture yourself where you want to be. When visualizing your goals you will often find that it is hard to say, I can do that. But if we push past our own self-doubt, we can say…. It is possible.
Your dreams are possible but you must be willing to take a chance, take risks, push past your fears and go after your goals. When you think about overcoming your problems and achieving your goals, do what successful people do, push past whatever stands in your way.
What you need to realize is that most people will not do that; they will not take chances; they are not risk takers, they refuse to push past it. For many, they have done all they are ever going to do, they raise a family, they earn a living and then they die. Yet there are those that run eagerly toward their dreams and for them, their life takes on a special kind of meaning.
Those individuals that push past their problems and work toward their dreams know they will face pain, they will face setbacks, they will face disappointments, and they will face defeat. The thing is they keep working towards their goals, they push past all the obstacles and in the process, they learn a lot about themselves. They discover the greatness within themselves.
You can do the same, push past your problems, fight for your goals and dreams and in the process, you will discover the greatness within you. If you push past the obstacles, you will realize you are more powerful than you ever imagined. You will see you are greater than your circumstances. You do not have to go through life being a victim. You can succeed.
Make a commitment and push past your problems. Do not become comfortable with life. Do not throw in the towel. Do not stop pushing yourself. Do not become cynical about life. Do not allow fear to stop you from succeeding. Push Past It and go after your dreams and goals. Remember what stops us from being successful is fear, the fear of failure, the fear of success and the fear of being successful and not being able to handle it. Push past it and go after it!

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