In today’s leadership thought, I would like to take time to discuss the importance of establishing what I call your “Rock.” Your “Rock” can be one thing or even multiple things that help keep you grounded and keep you focused on your goals.  It is the one thing that jump starts you when you have fallen and feel like you can’t go on.  It gives you the motivation you need to get up and keep fighting for your goals.

For some people, their “Rock” or reason for succeeding is that they are doing it for themselves. They want to improve themselves by getting a better education, losing weight, improving their health, or some other personal reason.  Each of these are great “Rock’s” for going after your goals.

Take a moment and think about this though. When we say we want to do something for ourselves, like lose weight or get a better job, our reason (our “Rock”) for changing is often not strong enough to keep us motivated.  You see, when we say we are doing it for ourselves, our accountability level is flawed.  It is flawed because when we are accountable to ourselves we are biased and we let ourselves off the hook. For example, people begin working out, or dieting and they experience some success and then one day they stop.  When you ask them why they stopped, they always have a reason for doing so.  Whether its work, school, or life events, you hear it all.  The funny thing is that they still want to reach their goals, but they never get there.  The way I see it is that their reason (there Why) for wanting to reach their goals is not strong enough.  They give in to their inner pessimist, who tells them it’s too hard or too painful to continue toward their goals.  So how do you find a “Rock” that is strong enough to keep you going?

To me, my “Rock” is bigger than myself. My rock is the reason I face adversity, the reason I face my fears, the reason I keep getting up every time I fall.  Listen, I don’t stay up till 12 -1 am at night doing homework for me.  I don’t face my fears for me.  I don’t suffer through pain or disappointment for me.  Everything I do, I do for my “Rock.” So what is my “Rock,” what is this super powered reason that keeps me going?

For me, that “Rock” is my children, my wife. My “Rock” is what fuels my desire, my passion and my motivation to go after my goals.  I harness the energy my “Rock” gives me and I put it deep into my heart.  I use it to change myself, to change my mentality, achieve my goals and change my reality.

Find your “Rock!” Your “Rock” is the reason why you get up day after day and go through trials and tribulation. Your “Rock” is who or what will benefit from your struggles and your pain long after you are gone.  Your  Your Rock is your responsibility,  without you, your “Rock” will never have all the opportunities that only you can provide.

That being said I leave you with this last thought. You get one opportunity in life, one chance in life to do what it is you are going to do.  You get one chance to leave your mark.  To make whatever legacy you are going to leave.  Your “Rock” is your reason, it is your “Why.” Make a difference, change your life, and leave a legacy for your “Rock!”

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