More Than Crumbs

Mother earth, the smell of her fills my nostrils.

My mind spins with joy as she embraces me and wraps me in her arms.

The grass, the pebbles, the wind blowing across my face.

The clouds in various wisps race across the sky.

My ears are filled with the sound of the wind, blades of grass bending in its wake.

A single bird floats in the air above me.

The wind keeping it afloat, its eyes forever scan the land below.

I reach my hand out pulling earth into my fist, it is cold, scratchy and loose at first.

As my hand closes, it hardens and forms to meet my hand.

I can squeeze no more and release watching each crumb fall slowly to the ground.

From earth we come to earth we must return, my eyes close to fight the drops that are not far behind.

AHHH!  I scream with all my being.

Not just earth, but something more.

Something that mattered.

Something that made a difference not just single crumbs falling to the earth to be no more.


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