I Am Here


I call the line rings and rings

No answer again the same as before

I wonder if you’re ok

My heart aches and it longs to see all of you

To hear the laughter

Why can’t all of you be with me

Why does it have to be this way

Why are we punished

Jealousy, hate, anger are not ours

My heart, my soul for all of you forever

All I do, all I fight for, all that I hope to leave behind

Anger, resentment, and blame is what is received

I pray to God each day for all of you

I pray all of you will know my love for all of you will never end

One day I pray the hateful messages will stop

I pray the hatred fades away

I am not perfect, I do not make excuses

There is no love greater than mine for all of you

Even over long distances it does not fade

I’m always here for all of you

One call, one cry for help and I’ll be there

Never forget…. I am here


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