The beat is pounding, eardrums are straining

The bass rocks the soul

Visions of arms begin swaying in the air

Sweat is dripping, clothes are sticking, hips are gyrating

Over and over the beat flows

First the rock and then the roll drifting through the night

The vibrations carrying them higher and higher

Lips smack, nipples harden, hands embrace

The smell fills the air, tingles the senses

Feet pound the earth, ancient rhythms move vacant feet

Nothing matters, lost is the world, all focus on the now, the pleasure, the rush

Bodies in sweet embrace, sweat, fingers gliding, hair flying

Screams of joy, happiness, pleasure, pain, all flowing

Like rain falling, drops plunging, drenching bodies, running down faces

Stiffness tightens, pleasure masses, smile grow, eyes widen, the world explodes

Gasps, inhales, exhales, knuckles whitening, the beat marking time

Fireworks launch, rockets explode, meteors fall in flames, the sky is so bright

Heaven is visible, lost in thought, words no longer spoken.

Holding on tight,  the sound building again

The beat loud, pounding on screaming eardrums.

Arms waving freely

Visions hazy, the world lost to pleasure

Vibrations from the earth making feet stomp

The beat is pounding, its a never ending cycle

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