The Big Wheel

Sneakers push peddles moving the big wheel down the street

Bright and sunny day, slight breeze blowing through the trees

Branches swaying in the air, silent cheerleaders observing a game

Houses all along the way

Kids playing, laughter, small shrieks of surprise, shouts of “Your it!” fill the air

The big wheel rolls down the street

Cars pass, oblivious to the wonder that occurs before them

Lost to the madness of the world

Materials, possessions, obsessions controling the world

The race continues

Scores of rats leap from sinking ships

Danger falling on deaf ears

Those in control blinded by greed and desire

Life’s true meaning lost, replaced by obelisks reaching for the heavens

Faith cast aside, dreams squandered, innocence lost

What has become of this world

Simpler were times when  laughter, games, shouts of conquest ruled the day

Kids ran, parents laughed, the sun shined, the wind cooled rosy cheeks.

How free it felt, just pushing those peddles

The big wheel slowly rolling down the street

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