My Compatriots

Laughter fills the air

Reverberating through the evening, it brings more cheers

From way up high I am watching

My compatriots jumping up and down in joy

Passing the bottle, chugging down all the crown

No one cries this day, everyone made it back

All present and accounted for

Each step taken, one step closer

Completing the mission their only goal each day

It pains me to see them go

I know not if they will return

Death always hunting them their enemies always waiting

Each day before they depart with the rising of the sun they raise me

Pulled to the highest spot for all to see and keep watch

All day long, I await their return

Without them, I would not be

I would not stand for freedom and bravery

My broad stripes would not wave forever

My bright stars would not always shine

So many lost, their names on walls

Remembered and seen by all, never to be forgotten

For them, honor, glory, and undying loyalty

Many return having ensured I will wave on

Securing freedom, Justice and Manifest Destiny

Upon their arrival each day they gather before me

Eyes turn skyward to see me waving

With tears in my eyes, I see their arms raise in unison

Silent is their salute

When their arms drop

They turn and find the bottle

Holding the crown up for all to see, parched lips smack

I hear their cry…  Let us chug it down!


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