Looking into the mirror many hate what they see

Their lives are incomplete and filled with pain

Woe is me!!  Their lungs proclaim

Tears of despair, tears of shame, daily it paints their cheeks

Always searching, always hunting for the one thing that could end their misery

Pointing a finger they seek the next victim

The person to blame, the reason for their pain

The reason they lost all hope, the reason they shout “Why me!”

Self-pity, excuses is all they know, carved in their heart like Mount Rushmore

Day after day they plunge into the lake of the past

Swimming over and over in the events that brought them pain

This is how they live each day

Journeying to past events long gone

Brought to life by them, chest compressions and all

The past never laid to rest

Infecting their mind with darkness and negativity

It is black, it is consuming, cancerous like death

The darkness grows within them, slowly caressing their mind with its venom

Hope is lost, despair sets in, days of happiness, they believe long lost

Such a poor state, living life with no hope

Wallowing in their own misery like a fat sow in the mud, they wake each morning

Consumed by self-pity, their cries for answers bounce off the walls of their tomb

A poor existence they live, each day bringing them closer

Yet, there is hope for the lost, a way to end the pain

In the darkness, light can burn and cast the past to the grave

Seek the light, live in now, past’s pain is the mind reliving days long gone

Don’t bath in the bloody pool of the past

Live, breath, and feel light’s rays caress your body, your heart and your mind

Rejoice in the warmth and comfort it brings

Live each day as your last

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