Success vs. Failure

Fists ball up and slam into the ground in thundering waves

Pounding and pounding, the hole they make deepens, dirt flying in every direction.

Screams and tears of frustration fill the air rising higher and higher

Only the trees, the birds, and the hills witness the struggle

There is no one around, mile after mile, destroyed like a fragile pane of glass, shattered by faith

Stop your worrying; look at what you are doing, as you rip through space and time

Like the blade of a plow slicing through the earth, building valley after valley of hope

Planting the seeds of life everlasting, rebirth and a life of happiness, like the branches of the trees always reaching skyward

Hands grasping, fingers spread, aching for something, aching to reach the heavens

Falling stars race toward the earth in return, catching fire and exploding in crimson and gold.

One after another they fall, dreams smashed, dreams whisked away with each sweep of the broom.

Only those with perseverance fly on.  The jet streams of life moving them ever forward

Never stopping, never quitting, The end driving them on.  Success finally arrives,

blessings and joy embraces them. Wave after wave of emotions bring light to the truth

It would never have happened without the struggle.


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