Vacuous Solitude

Quite clatter, placidity holding tight

Quivering foundation, Covetable


Bereaved in the world, hating subterfuge

Shrill and expire, Unabashed


Heavens mystical chorus, shimming the shaker to the gist

Scratching through tombs, expansive altruism


Soaring, floating, on the wings of absolution

Sneaking, seeking, possessive anima


No place to hide, no place to run, fidelity lost

Mistaken crucifixion, blinding illusion, nothingness apexes


Sprit screaming, waves never ending, gulping envisioned hope

Frayed fool, passionless embrace


Golden thrones, games of despair, espousing ways

Riding on, faultless rhythms, Madness


No conscious, feeling the gain slip through

Empty hands grasping franticly


Now the sound above, deepening shades of darkness

Purplish fog, haziness, thickening desperation


Sticking perceptions, filled lost substance

Shadows, vile belches of earth rising


No clue, desires lost, vibrations of expansive reality

Shaking, shimmering, smoothness, broken cortex


Screams, shouts, yelling, announced infinite possibilities

Impeccably dissolved generosity, Universal expanded exploitation


Now infinite unsustainable exasperations

Viscous liquid, belching flatulence, dissolving masses


Genocidal innocence, depravity, building contemplation

Baryon’s taking flight, crashing molten earth


Fire burning deep, Ice burning deeper, still the batter

Heartbeats fade, silence, one last gasp


Mother?   Mama?   Ma?             hold me ……

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