One Drink

My hand grips the cold glass

the moisture on its surface reminds me of the beach,

Ahh Morocco.

The drinks there are always so intoxicating

Creating vibrant experiences of yellow, green, and fire red.

The ice hitting the bottom of the glass

reminds me of the waterfalls from my childhood.

Each drop racing toward the earth only to crash on the rocks far below.

I reach for my favorite and tilt the bottle.

I feel a rush of excitement as the gentle splashes send vibrations to my core.

I imagine its caressing touch against my lips

my hand slowly lifts the glass.

The first touch is sublime and familiar faces begin floating before me.

My poison slams into my belly, I feel its warmth begin to spread like tentacles.

Heaven is so close and the pain I feel fades away.

I smile and sink back into my seat

slowly fading into complete bliss.

O how I crave more

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