Scanning the world we see vacant people

People who are shadows of what they should be

Conformist, posers and pogues lead the way

So why is there no one that has the courage

The courage to stand up and shout

Shout for our rights just as our forefathers did

Who raised their proud brown fists for equality

Were are those like minds today?

Why have they disappeared into the dusty pages of ancient texts

Where is the proof you say?

Proof can be found in the biography sections of library’s

Proof can be found in the self-development sections of bookstores

Proof can even be found behind the great pulpits of our cities mega-churches

The proof is easy to see because there is not one of us there leading the way

Not one of our own that dares take a stand

Not one of our own to set the example for us

Not one of our own to show us the path to glory

Not one of our own with the courage to lead the movement

A movement for freedom

A movement to fight for what we deserve

A movement to fight for our children and their future

What we find instead is a Raza content with their lives

A Raza that is content sucking down Tecate’s and Tequila shots

A Raza content in believing the chaos will pass

But it will not pass as the next set of laws are already on its way

Laws that will tear us apart as we sit idly by cooking menudo, tamales, and caldo de res

So beware, the day is coming when there will be no tortillas hechas a mano

No tortillas hechas a mano fresh off the comal to spread tons of mantequilla all over

The day is coming when we will all be running

Running in sweat-soaked clothing across vast deserts

Running to offer earnest prayers to the blessed Virgen de Guadalupe

Prayers seeking salvation and comfort

Prayers begging for someone to come and stand for us

Someone who will fight mediocracy and the status quo

Somone who will fight because we are so much more

Because we have so much more to offer

So why do we settle for a good life

When we deserve and should live a great life

Stop being content with your current status

Stop being content with the lot you have been given in life

Rise and shout for more

Rise and fight for more

Rise and claim what is yours



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