The First Moment

There are so many wonderful moments in life

The best moment of all is the first time you held your child

Nothing else mattered nothing else existed.

Time stops, you can’t hear anything, the world around you blurs

You are focused only on that precious life in your arms

You cannot talk; you do not know if you are breathing, tears fill your eyes

You place your finger in there tiny hand and you melt as there hand closes

Your emotions swirl, you begin to spin, your mind shifts to a higher plain

You don’t want to let go but you know you must

You place your creation back in mother’s arms and beam with joy

It is the greatest accomplishment of your life

Yet it is also the moment you truly become vulnerable

It is the moment you truly feel helpless

It is the moment you truly understand how weak you are

It is the moment you also experience the greatest pain

It is at this moment that you truly fear the evil in the world

It is at this moment you know you may not always be there to keep them safe

It is at this moment you truly understand your mortality

You understand at this moment that you must do all you can

You must teach them well.

You must instill them with a strong faith, morals and values

You must teach them to be respectful, honest, and humble

You must help them grow to adulthood and send them on their way

And if you have done your job well, they will repeat the cycle

They will remember the first moment they held their child.

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