Stirring the Soul

Visions, apparitions, float over the paths before us

Success and victory a constant meditation

The word deep in our heart brings light to the darkened path

The journey without focus, lack of commitment, hopeless without dedication

Measuring the steps taken, wondering what has been accomplished

Life in general, day after day the blood flows through us

Questions unanswered finding their ending through understanding

The scene before you, the environment, your place in the world defined

Struggling, fighting, ignoring the pain, each mile gained one step closer

Many are lost, many never finish, many never begin

Your desire sets the foundation, your reason, your why, accomplishes the goal

No silver spoon to feed you, no knocks on your door offering golden checks

Waking, sweating, fighting the call that only slumber brings

Desire, the one true motivation, no excuses, no friendly hand to pull you on

The end visible, slowly sinking beneath the distant horizon.

Urgency quickens, cemented feet move into action, footsteps stretching further than before

Distant rays, moonbeams and twinkling stars larger than all that came before

Shooting stars burning, bright lights spread across the sky, eyes always watching

Hands empty, grasping for perches high above their grasp, last in line only on this day

What duty should be assigned? You know the consequences that comes with each moment

Day after day the path returns anew, fighting the darkness, fighting the unknown.

Meditations bring forth various colors, striking a chord within shallow hearts

Fists swing widely, missing the mark, far from the prying eyes of oblivion

Keep the faith, fight the good fight, with the end before you the end becomes the beginning.

Stumble forward, never give up, the first step now completes the goal taking shape.

Grasping visions slowly cross the finish line, stirring the soul to the end.




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