The Madness That Comes

Have you ever felt the madness?

The madness that dreams of things dark and secret

Glorifying it is, like the shining glint of steel as it swings through the air

It is like hands pulling hair from root, it brings a smile that grows broader

It is like wicked eyes glaring in the moment filling the body with a rush of adrenaline

It fuels each pelvic thrust, it hardens each nipple until they reach for the heavens

Sweat dripping from furled brows into massive puddles around naked feet

It is the wetness that soaks through all the intimate places

It is the delusions that float through the mind finding only taboos long forgotten

It is the perversions, the lust, the carnal pleasures that tear at the soul

It fuels the cravings that pull the mind in directions no one wants to go

Without conscious, the body reacts seeking pleasure, pain, and the insatiable thrust for more.

The mind cannot survive the pressure.

Shards form and rip into the now softened flesh

The body is ripped limb from limb, mouths salivate uncontrollably

As the body shivers in ecstasy savoring the innocence now lost

Virgin flesh it was, now just part of the masses

A piece of fodder to be used and abused till another takes its place

The mind revels in the pleasure, feeling the exquisite pain and embraces the lust that can only pierce the soul with darkness

The madness that comes slowly licks the flesh, while a smile spreads across your face.

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