Decapant (The Stripper)

I see you walking by

Your short skirt

Your stiletto heels

Skin tight wraps that leaves nothing to the imagination.

You think your hot

You think your sexy

What you really are is fresh bait for the taking.

Meat to be put through the grinder.

“Stop!! No!!” you shout, “I’m not that type of girl!”

You’re an attention wanting, low self-esteemed piece of gutter fish sucking slime from the filth of the earth wishing you were more than you are

Your conceited eyes give you away as you hobble along in search of fame and fortune

You’re a tease

You’re a flirt who yells at any dog that decides to chase you.

So bat your eyes elsewhere you hot as melted butter covered morsel that plays taps on the tip of my tongue as it slowly wags in the air salivating for a taste of what’s hidden in the very center of your soul.

Damn You! For creating visions of futures I will never know

Left alone with my Jergens to Beat away the frustrations that cripples my mind

Captivating my body dragging me through the grime

Take your lacey thong elsewhere and flash your Lycra cracked ass in somebody else’s face

The gold you seek is not in this place

Degrade your worth all you want

Your search for acceptance and recognition is already lost.

You might as well join the show and get paid to spread those legs

At least the freaks and geeks will pay the toll to see how those roll’s … shake… rattle …. and roll

Ha HA!!! Your face says it all!

In anger you scream, “How Dare You Say These Things!!!”

“I’m proud of my gifts that tempted Adam to taste the forbidden fruit.”

“My temple is for you to look at and worship it you will.”

Your right of course for that I do not deny

Here’s a dollar

Shake yourself this way… I have more…. and at your feet they will lay.

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