The End of the Road

Do we know when we will die?

Do we truly ever understand the nature of our mortality?

We rush through the day letting little moments pass us by.

We fail to see those things that are precious to us.

We fail to see those things that make life worth living.

We fight with our spouses, our lovers, our friends, and our parents

We are never wrong, we are always right and justified

Yet the world is still passing us, faster and faster with each rotation, we cannot stop it.

Yet each day we wake and seek our own personal gratification

Never once stopping to see that the clock is winding down.

There are no repeats, there are no do overs, we can’t turn the clock back

Our choices are final and we have no recourse but to live in them.

Oh how we cry and scream for redemption when we do not get our way

Oh how we squirm when we have taken the wrong path

There is nothing we can do that will salvage the time we lose.

Day after day in the mirror we look, slowly losing the person we once knew

Haggard and worn is the face time has given us

The image we see stares back at us with blackened hollowed eyes

The road is coming to an end

There is no place we can go or step we can take to change the course

Forward we must go to the empty grave that awaits us.

Here me now, live you life, live your dreams, and fight to the end to make the world brighter than the sun.

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