The Road Forward

Sometimes the road we weave is deeper than the ocean

Our soul sings for far too many open ended possibilities

Very little light shows the way

Clouded the visions are in the mind

Flashing by in rapid successions

The drowsiness that comes slowly calls the names

Come to me


Feel my embrace

The warmth that builds captivates and refuses to move

Heavy lids blink open and closed

Snapshots of the world reveals the climate

The temptation is to let it all go

To fade away like the mists on the river styx

What’s the point is the question, why fight on when its easier to lay here

So much easier not to move and bond with the structures that holds captive

Never free, just along for the ride, to see where the end will be.

Fatigue grips closely

Whispering in deaf ears

Such juicy thoughts and promises that explode in the inner core

Temptations and struggles circle lazy feet

Wicked smiles with gleaming eyes await fools anxiously

Taking the step to fill the air with loud screams

Plunging toward the earth spread eagle, the rushing of the air roaring by

Breath raspy and loud filling straining lungs that refuse to expand

The fight that once raged on, no longer plagues the mind

Emptiness is what remains

Quite, stillness, nothing

Where to now?  What to do?

Hands clasp and squeeze

The pressure builds and builds

The explosion sends light, heat and matter in all directions

The road forward begins.

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