Skinny Jeans and Pockets?

So what is up with those skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans and their pockets

Pockets that hide so well the few pennies that have been saved

Skinny jeans and their saran wrapped legs

Skinny-jeaned legs that end at sneaker covered feet forever seeking work

Meaningless work that matters only if fuels the means

A means to an end is what drives those sneaker covered feet.

Sneakers that are always walking, sometimes running

Sneaker covered feet attached to skinny-jean covered legs.

Seeking the finish line that is never where it should be

A finish line that requires more distance to be covered

Mile after mile these sneakers tread, always adjusting to the path

A path filled with bubblegum and grime

Bubblegum chewed by jaws that continually pop and blow flavorless gum over and over again

Grime that covers hands that are always reaching shakily

Hands reaching through layers of grime seeking help, help that never comes

Help embraced through empty promises that leave grime-covered hands cold and vacant

Yet there is hope, just look inside those pockets of yours and you will find those pennies

Pennies saved and hidden away from the world

Pennies that were hidden deep inside the pockets of your skinny jeans.

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