The Hunter

Hunkered down close to the earth, the ground covered with debris

The smell is potent and filled with primal stench

Toes curl pulling earth closer, a slight breeze sends pest flying

Gnarling teeth gnash, saliva drips from cracked lips

The scent of flesh and blood floats in the air, nostrils begin to flair

Large bulging eyes, black pupil’s hide the insanity lurking inside, ready to be unleashed

Long dirty hair draping down, sweat-filled and limp, flies circling slowly

None see the danger, none see the hunter, always stalking the prey

The hunter tenses, poised to strike, delusional, reality lost

The victim is unsuspecting, lost in the day to day grind, overlooking the signs

Hunger drives the hunter, a thirst never quenched, hot gushing fluids brings such pleasure

Hands dirty, strong, stained with the fluid of life, ready to act, ready to grab, ready to hold

Victim unaware foolishly failed to follow the path, his fate his own doing

Rushing to reach his goal, shortcuts taken, rules ignored, his end his own demise

The hunter leaps, growl burst from lungs, hands grab hold sinking deeply into weakened flesh

Teeth sink deeply, flesh pulls away, fountains spray out and moisten the earth

The victim eyes wide, grasping gaping wound, breath erratic struggling for more

Vision blurs, breathing slows, limbs fall limply to the earth, the heart beats its last

The end comes, the hunter long gone; the next victim surely will come

Cold night, the moon high, body cools a stillness sets in

A twitch, a flicker, limbs quiver, deaths eyes snap open

Lips curl back, teeth exposed; vacant mouth opens closing on imagined flesh

Head raises, hands push the ground away, feet find footing standing slowly

The victim squats, hands scraping the ground, eyes vacant and hollow

No thoughts, no feelings, hunger builds deep inside

Madness takes over, primal urges pushing forward, the now undead lifts its head

Legs begin to move, faster and faster, the scent driving, the new hunter stalks its prey

The victim unaware turns down the dirt path.


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